‘DNA doesn’t make a family… Love does’


What is a family? Is it the people we call our close friends or is it the people we share DNA and blood with..?

Having always lived away from my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins etc. You learn to surround yourself with people you would classify as part of your ‘family’ – you may not be related but at least you have someone there to turn to in desperate  situations.

In the modern world today we see young couples move away from their families, settling elsewhere to create their own lives and achieve their own dreams and hopes, and although I’ve planned in my head about travelling the world, deep inside I know it’s not that practical, because whether we like to admit it or not we need our families – they are our major support system in everything we do.

Every year we go and visit my grandparents during the summer and spend time with our cousins. We may not do something interesting every single day, but the memories and bants we create is something I will cherish for generations to come. 

As our annual London trip comes to a close it made me realise how immensely lucky I am to be given the opportunity to return here and spend time with the people I share blood with. 

‘DNA doesn’t make a family love does..’ 


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