The calm before the storm… 

Through the constant hustle and bustle that plagues our lives, it’s extremely difficult to take the time to just sit and relax.

We often rush past life and barely notice the small things that surround us, which we have been truly blessed to have.

Earlier on around exam season we went up the mountains in Ras – al – Khaimah and just enjoyed the twisting lanes and small hideyholes and caves we spotted tucked away in the mountains, but the most interesting and intriguing factor of it all was the complete silence and peace you felt when you were up there, the experience of going up (even I’ll be the first to admit, was not the best, blocked ears is not exactly my cup of tea…) but once you were up there among the piles and piles of rocks the atmosphere was beautiful yet serene and relaxing all at once.

The looming prospect of exam revision sessions, revision notes and exam rooms with students packed inside like a can of sardines, is an idea every student detests, but taking a break before all the chaos and havoc erupts is important for us as students to find our inner calm. This day trip gave me a boost of energy and unexpected longing to return. You see I’m the type of person who takes pleasure in the hustle and bustle and excitement of a situation, but I would absolutely recommend a trip up there even if it’s for a couple of hours.

So if you need a getaway from the commotion plaguing your life take a day off and meander your way round these beautiful mountains, and not to forget you can take great photographs up there too.


That One Girl Z…



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