‘The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time’ – Mark Twain


Its not something we as humans, think about often, but it is a reality we need to embrace. We are all going to die one day or another, and that is the only aspect of death that we are 100% sure about. Yet we fail to ready ourselves for the unknown challenges of tomorrow.

But why is it when we are unsure of something like an exam we take the time to prepare ourselves for the unknown questions that we will face. Death is the same thing we have no idea when we will be gone, leaving behind our loved ones, yet we fail to prepare ourselves for the life we will lead beyond the realms of this earth. We find it easier to be oblivious and remain in the dark than understand our purpose and the reason we are here.

Its not until recently, when my uncle died, did I really start pondering about what happens after we transition from this world to the next. It hit me hard that the man I had spoken to only just about 6 months ago was no longer here. He was gone never to return. We were never close but due to the relationship he held with both my mum and dad it was only a matter of time before I had begun to share a bond with him. Every year when we visited London, he would be present, come home, ask me questions about life in Dubai and about life in general. Although we never really understood each other on a more personal level and we were much rather aquatiances than uncle and niece, he was ever present and the aura he held was unreal.

I only realised how unprepared and scared I really was of the unknown that was to approach in the second, minutes, days, years or months to come and how little I had done to prep my soul for death and the undeniable afterlife, when we held a majalis, a service if you will, in commemoration of my uncles life and the guest speaker, someone I really do admire in her eloquence and demeanour, reminded us all of how although death is seen as something frightening we need to be ready for when its our turn to leave this all behind.

She mentioned how nowadays with the evolution of technology, we have become distracted from the things that really matter and we no longer take heed of the advice we are given time and time again. We constantly see reminders of death all over the news but scroll through and take no heed in the meaning behind the words that are on the page.

She aforementioned how how we are still chasing the distractions of this world that are only here for us temporarily, and will not help us in any way whatsoever, once we perish. We need to realise that death is a reality waiting to happen. Death is not scary if we are prepared the only problem is that we are not, and are either to lazy, stubborn or have deviated to far from the right path to succumb and alter our way of living to be as prepared as we possibly can.

If not now, when, If not here, where?

That One Girl Z…



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